March 1st Holiday?

Doesn't it seem unfair that the first day of January (New Year's Day), February (Groundhog Day), and April (April Fool's Day) are all some special day, and poor March has no such day? All March really has is St.Patrick's Day. Someone should come up with a holiday for March 1st. Speaking of holidays one I am really looking forward to this year is September 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day. Sounds like fun a matie??

My weekend in NY was pretty fun. We went to the new AOL Time Warner building on Saturday, very beautiful. With some nice stores, which we had fun browsing in though we can't afford to shop at the Coach store! Then we went over to Bloomingdale's. I oogled some beautiful designer clothes that I can't afford. And Mike got some nice Kenneth Cole shoes. Saturday night we went to a party out in Queens which was pretty fun. I have never been in Queens before, it was a bit sketchy! But the rent was so much less that what Mike pays.

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