No mini yet

No iPod Mini yet! GRR!! How much longer will it take for them to ship? I know it might be as much as 13 more days, but I don't know if I can handle it. I want it now. I want to download (legally) new songs for it.

I am feeling whiny today. And selfish. I just want things. Like a kitty! I swear if I get a new job and move and the place I move to allows cats, I am getting one. Screw it! I have been holding off because I thought it might not be fair to the cat because I am not home a lot. But it is a cat not a puppy, they are happy alone. That is why I like them. I also want new clothes. But I am holding off. I can't buy anything until during or after my shopping trip with Mom in 3 weeks. Time for another now semi-annual Mom and Michele Outlet shopping trip. With the requisite stop at the Pfaltzgraff Factory Store, and Tent Sale. We now schedule our shopping trips around that tent sale. How sad.

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