Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday and in celebration of said event I will be taking a half day from work today to make the 3 hour drive up to my parents' house. This will be the first time I have been up there since Christmas. And the first time since my sister moved home and has started to settle in downstairs. I am very curious to see what her new setup looks like.

I plan to also get together with my friend Sara. Who I haven't seen in . . . well a really long time. And if I can ever get ahold of Mrs.VanPatten, hopefully I will get to meet her for breakfast on Sunday. Does it seem like I am trying to keep myself really busy while I am there and not sit around and do nothing? Cause I am. I also plan to clean my car, do some pilates, and get my sister to take her dog for a walk with me. All very exciting. Oh and maybe go for a bike ride? It looks like the weather in Apalachin is supposed to be pretty decent this weekend. Partly cloudy and 70 on Saturday. Perfect for a bike ride!

All of this busy-ness is just an attempt to keep me on track with my diet while I am up there because it seems to be going really well right now. I definately have lost some weight this week, and I am feeling much happier and in control now that Becky and I have decided to really get back on track. I even got up at . . . 4 AM today so I could get my run in before work. If I am going to be able to eat a piece of cake tonight I can't skip my run! And we are having my favorite dinner tonight. Mom's Chicken Teriyaki, yummy, yummy.

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