Predictable much?

Well this is getting a little predictable huh? Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I update. Yeah I will have to try to change that sometime. But hey at least I keep updating, even if no one is reading this!

Work is going okay this week. Still working on that Montreal thing. And still waiting to hear about raises. I don't really think we will hear anything before the end of next week when the raises might first show up in our paychecks though it might not be until another two weeks after that. If I do get a decent raise I will increase my 401K contribution, I am not at the max yet and I try to raise it with everyraise, that way I miss it less! And I think I will try to increase the amount moved over to my ING Direct Orange Savings Account. I really like the ease of doing all of that over the internet. It really does make saving money easy. Also after I move in with Margo I should be able to put even more into my savings every month so that will be good.

Speaking of moving I have started to get quotes from movers. It looks like it will cost me between $400 and $650 to have movers move my stuff. Which really I don't think is too bad considering all the back breaking labor I will be saving myself and my parents. I should try and decide which company I want to have do it by late next week I think and get things set up. There is still the possibility of my going back up to Montreal to work on the next phase of that project and I am a little worried that will interfere with my moving plans, but I reminded my manager about it again yesterday so hopefully we can work something out. I really can't change my mind about moving or do it later when it would be better for "them" so they will just have to deal with it!

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