I am so boring!

Life has been pretty boring so far this week. I have sort of been watching Colonial House. Though I am not really into it right now. Mostly because last night I also watched the season finale of Gilmore Girls. That is one of my favorite shows. Though I wonder where they are going with this Rory/ Dean thing and the Loreli/Luke thing. HMM. I guess I will just have to wait until likely October to see! Have you noticed how season premieres are later and later every year?

Last night the merchandise card "rebate" for my digital camera finally came from Circuit City. Now I can go online and order a larger memory card. Which I will do as soon as I am done updating this. Though I think I might have it shipped to my parents since I am moving in a week and two days. Oh that reminds me I should also get the transfer started from my savings account to pay the movers! Busy day! Yeah right, if only I had work to do.

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