I am going to miss this apartment!

Tonight after the at-work-workout I am going home and going to the UPS store to pick up boxes. YEAH!! Margo is going to come over on Monday and give me my keys and help me pack some. I am nervous about moving. Afraid that my stuff won't fit, that it will cost too much, something will break, that I will miss my current apartment too much! I love my apartment, and as much as I like Margo I generally don't like to have roommates. That will be tough for me. And I kind of hope that it is, to kick my hiney into gear about looking for a new job. That I like! That has growth potential. But where? At this point ANYWHERE!

I bought the SATC Season Six, Part 1 last night. I can't wait to go home and watch more of it, after I get boxes, do pilates, clean the bathroom and pack!! Okay so I might only get to watch one episode tonight. How sad! I think I might be addicted to that show. I even started watching season 1 again when I realized the new DVD didn't come out until Tuesday! Oh and it was cheap at Target $29.99. Glad I went! But I also bought packing tape, which I needed, and a lot of workout clothes (which I really didn't need). A tank top, a lightweight running cover shirt, pants, and running shorts. For my plan to run outside once I move. Un-huh! We will see about that!

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