Not suprisingly I don't think I will be updating much this week, and likely not early next week. Since I moving. Usually I update this at work and I won't be here most of the end of the week. I need time off to pack. Speaking of which. My apartment is such a mess right now. Boxes everywhere, some half filled some nearly empty, a few actually filled up and taped shut. All the finished stuff is stacked in the dining room. Which is good to have it all out of the way, but the pile is very small right now which makes me realize I must have a lot more to pack. With Margo's help last night the bedroom is nearly finished, but I still have a lot more to tackle by Friday morning. Mom and Dad will be here Thursday night to help me oversee the movers on Friday so they will get sucked into packing the kitchen I think. Tonight I am finishing the bathroom I think and working on the living room and the big storage closet.

Mike and I had a pretty good weekend. We went to the track on Saturday, and we also went to see Troy, which was okay, but I thought some of the romance stuff was a bit cheese-y.

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