100 Things

1.) I am tall for a girl.
2.) I hate it when people assume because I am tall that I did play/do play/want to play/am good at basketball.
3.) I will turn 26 this year and I have never had a birthay party.
4.) In fact I have never had any kind of party just for me. (Maybe this explains why the idea of a wedding so appeals to me)
5.) I love horses, love EVERYTHING about them. Including all the smells that other people think are gross, like horse sweat!
6.) If given the choice I would read all the time.
7.) I have one sister no brothers.
8.) I think math is fun.
9.) I don't tan because I am paranoid about getting wrinkles when I am older.
10.) I am the baby of the family.
11.) I am a cat person not a dog person. Dogs are too needy.
12.) I don't have a single favorite color. I like pink and purple and red and black and white all equally.
13.) I do have a least favorite color. YELLOW!
14.) I have no dancing skills and look like the lost white girl that I am.
15.) I am tone-deaf. To me there are two types of singers okay and really horrible.
16.) I am a complete gadget person. I have a PDA, an adorable cell phone, a mini ipod, a digital camera, and a GPS thing for tracking my running.
17.) I can't stand things to be messy. And not just clean, but organized.
18.) I have a lot of rules for things. About how things are put away, about how I eat my Lucky Charms, strange rules.
19.) There is no eating in my car! I believe this is why after 3 years there is no funky smell in it.
20.) I have a very strong fear of drowning, especially in the ocean.
21.) I am also afraid of being attacked by a dog, of mice/rats/bugs/spiders, of needles and very small spaces.
22.) The only piercing I have is one hole in each ear, that my Mom got done for me when I was young. Too afraid of the needles to get anymore.
23.) I am very girlie and love to wear skirts and dresses.
24.) I love flowers but I am allergic to them.
25.) I have a compulsion to look up any gift I receive on line to see how much it cost.
26.) I enjoy reading the blogs of strangers because their lives are so different but so similar to mine.
27.) I have a huge sweeth tooth and would eat sweets all day if it wouldn't make me balloon up to 200 lbs.
28.) I love to bake, for myself or others. But I don't really enjoy cooking. I consider this to be because baking is more like science and cooking is more like an art.
29.) I am not artistic.
30.) I would rather have a real painting by an unknown artist, like my sister, than a print of a really famous work.
31.) I enjoy touring historical homes.
32.) Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time, but then I realize I couldn't live without hot showers and cell phones.
33.) It takes me a long time to make new friends.
34.) I would rather have one or two really good friends, than a big group (10+) of okay friends.
35.) I love to shop, especially for clothes, but really for just about anything.
36.) I am a pack-rat, courtesy of my parents, but I am trying to overcome it.
37.) I love children's cereals. Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios.
38.) I like to eat some strange things. Cantalope with salt, cottage cheese with salt onion and garlic powder and olives, onion and garlic croutons with lite french dressing (no veggies!)
39.) I avoid green vegtables like the plague.
40.) I don't like spicy foods.
41.) I love to drink water.
42.) Love Coke, hate Pepsi.
43.) I have a black thumb and kill any plant I try to grow.
44.) I desperately want a kitten.
45.) I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 7.
46.) I hate to be yelled at and take critcism poorly. I tend to cry about it.
47.) I cry easily, at cotton commericals, hallmark cards, movies, books . . .
48.) PC not Mac.
49.) The only places I have been outside the Continental United States are Canada and Puerto Rico.
50.) I wear my watch on my left wrist, with the face on the inside of my arm.
51.) I am right handed.
52.) I have brown hair.
53.) My eyes are mostly brown but they have a ring of green around the outside of the iris.
54.) I am uncomfortable having my picture taken, but I only like to hang up pictures of groups of people with me in them.
55.) I prefer to be early not late.
56.) I like to get up early, stay up late and nap.
57.) I taught myself html.
58.) I don't really have a nickname. My Mom and sister call me "Shelly", but to everyone else I am Michele.
59.) My middle name is Louise.
60.) My parents did name me after The Beatles song. They wanted to name my sister Michele when she was born but my grandfather talked them out of it.
61.) I am 1/16 Native American (not sure what) and that is about all I know about my ancestry.
62.) I love grape swedish fish, which are hard to find except in State College.
63.) I was in Color Guard in high school.
64.) I love the beach though I don't tan and am afraid of going out past my waist in the water.
65.) I drive a green 2001 Honda Civic EX.
66.) My car has a name, Alexandria.
67.) I have small boobs and a big butt.
68.) I get sad when I think people don't read my webpage.
69.) I have a hard time putting money in my savings account but I am putting money in my 401K every paycheck.
70.) I only like to use black pens.
71.) I dislike serif fonts such as Times New Roman. That is why this page is mostly in Arial.
72.) The first thing I did when I got the Sims, was make a Sim of me, and one of my guy and see if we would get together.
73.) I don't like to say "I love you" unless I really mean it.
74.) I believe in fighting fair and not calling people names.
75.) I think I have ideally shaped fingernail beds.
76.) I have a gap between my two front teeth that I can squirt water through and will travel at least 3 or 4 feet.
77.) I support the imperial measurement system not the metric.
78.) I am a registered Republican.
79.) I am very ethnocentric.
80.) I like to use big words.
81.) I got 1430 on my SAT, and did better in verbal than math. But that was because I was lazy and didn't check the math sections.
82.) I like plain food, plain pizza, hamburger or hotdog with just ketchup, plain grilled chicken.
83.) I only like Heinz Ketchup.
84.) When I lived alone I like to walk around naked.
85.) I like to wear heels.
86.) I love shoes. And probably have far too many pairs.
87.) I don't like roller coasters, I really love the dizzy/spinny rides.
88.) I love fireworks and want to see 4th of July fireworks in as many different places as possible. So far I have seen them in Washington D.C., New York City, Atlantic City, and hopefully this year Philadelphia.
89.) I am looking forward to my high school reunion.
90.) I took French for 6 years in middle school and high school. I can still read it a little but I can't speak it hardly at all.
91.) When I get married I want to go to Europe on my Honeymoon.
92.) When I get engaged I want a ring that is simple and will stand the test of time. I don't want one that someone can say "Oh yeah you got engaged in the late 1990s when marquise cut was all the rage."
93.) I want to get married and have a wedding, and have everyone tell me how beautiful I am all day.
94.) I like my steak medium rare, and without fat and gristle (usually I just get a filet mignon).
95.) I like most fruits, but not bananas.
96.) I am very tickle-ish.
97.) I get very possessive.
98.) I blow my nose really loudly.
99.) I like perfumes that smell like edible things.
100.) I can't stand kitchen things that are scented like flowers. I don't want to eat flowers.

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