6.0 MPH

I added something new to the webpage 100 Things about ME! I have seen this on a couple of other pages and I thought it was interesting. Though I didn't realize it would take me all day yesterday to think of that many things about me. I tried to make them things you couldn't find out about me elsewhere on here to keep it more entertaining.

Went to bed early again last night because I was still feeling not great. But that seemed to help and I woke up feeling okay today. I feel worse now, but that is because I really pushed myself during my run this morning. I ran the whole first mile again, but this time in under 10 minutes! 9:55 to be exact! That is like 6.0 mph! The fastest I ever did a whole mile on the treadmill was maybe a little under 12 minutes! I am making progress, I am making progress! (Said in a singsong voice.)

Tonight will be a busy night, weights at work, if I keep feeling well, cleaning at home, making dinner, packing for the weekend in NY, and watching my TV from last night. I suppose I should do some beach prep too, like scrubbing my feet and plucking stray hairs. Fun I know, but it is bad enough I will blind people with my paleness.

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