Silly Girl

Well I feel like a complete idiot today. I was out for my walk (I don't run on Wednesdays to give myself a break, especially since I ran, lifted total body and played tennis yesterday) and I tripped on an uneven piece of sidewalk and went down hard. Yup I skinned my hands on the concrete like a little kid. That is why I feel so dumb, people who are less than 2 weeks away from being 26 should not fall down while walking!

We did go play tennis last night. On a tennis court no less! The first time we played we had to resort to a church parking lot. It was pretty fun. We volleyed a lot for practice at the beginning and then played about 3 1/2 games before we called it a day. Boy was I tired!

Tonight I am going back to Target to pick up the roll of film I dropped off. Now that I have the digital camera I won't be using the film one much, if at all. And that one has pictures on it from Halloween! I want to see them! I was really lazy this time and just order a picture CD so I don't have to dig out the scanner. I am so spoiled by the digital photo world!

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