Cheese Garlic Biscuit

My work computer had a virus so I spent the morning getting rid of it. Then lost my ability to connect to the internet. But the IT guy fixed that for me, so we are back in business!

Umm . . . if only I had something to talk about? The weather looks to be good tonight so Margo and I might go try tennis again. I ran this morning, and I am staying late at work to lift.

Target got another $50 of my money last night. I don't even know what I got! Other than bath supplies, and cheese garlic biscuit mix. I decided for my birthday dinner I want Mike to make me crab legs, cheese garlic biscuits (hence the mix) and corn on the cob! A perfect July dinner! I figure we will have time for that Sunday night since I am taking Monday off. And the going out and partying part will happen Saturday night!

I really want to get a new computer. I should start doing some research on them so I know how much I need to save up to get a good one. Maybe after I get a new job and move again that will be one of the first things I get. I really want to get a flat-panel monitor. I am such a geek!

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