Boy am I stiff today! Running yesterday morning, walking at lunch, walking to and from the train (0.25 miles each way now), leg weights in the gym at work, and "tennis" last night is apparently too much for my hamstrings. I say "tennis" because we (me and my roommate) went to play at these courts over by Paoli Memorial Grounds in Malvern, and it turns out they were locked and you have to be a member of something to use them. No wonder I have never seen people over there. So we went to a church parking lot and just practiced serving and volleying the ball back and forth. It has been a long time since I played tennis!

Didn't get to do anything last night because between all the exercise I was trying to fix my cable internet at home. Finally at 10 pm after three calls to Comcast I got it fixed. But without the router in place. Now I have to put the router back into the mix and see if I can get it working. That should be fun! I think I am also going back to Target tonight. There was a bunch of stuff I forgot to get Monday night. And it will be too hot to do much else. Certainly too hot to sit up in my room!

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