Huge Muscles!

Lifting went pretty well last night. I upped my weight and decreased my reps on a couple of things. And I calculated the difference in my body fat and lean body mass based on what my body fat scale says. I don't trust it to accurately tell me my body fat but I assume it is capable of telling me the difference. If it is right, I have put on about 3 lbs of muscle in the last three months! Pretty good huh? I thought that a pound of muscle a month would be a tough thing for me to achieve. Now if I could just lay off the sweets long enough to get some of the fat off of my now huge (smile) muscles!

Mike is coming to see me tonight! Hopefully we will have a fun weekend. But not spend too much money. I am feeling pretty poor right now. As a result of the excessive shopping I was doing. Which has stopped! I got my security deposit back yesterday from my old apartment, and they didn't take anything out of it! That will go back in my savings account for when I move again and need a new place. That will increase my interest in my account! For a little while at least.

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