Officially 26 now

That doesn't sound really old. But it kind of feels like it should. I had a good time in NY this weekend. Michael sang to me at midnight, and gave me a necklace on Friday (cause I begged to get it early). He also got me a cupcake, and made me my crab dinner which was really good! We went out on Saturday night with his friends and Heather and Rajeev (her husband) met us out at this place called Joey's. Which sounds cool in the reviews but seemed only alright to me. The drinks were COMPLETE CRAP, very weak. Then we went to check out another bar just the four of us Local which we left quickly and ended up at Opal for a couple of hours. That was much better. I actually got a buzz from my three drinks there.

Sunday was pretty boring for a birthday. We slept really late and I took the train home.

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