Quiet weekend?

It felt very strange this morning to think that I am not going somewhere this weekend or having someone come see me. I am sure I can keep myself really busy but it's still weird for me.

Maybe I will go see The Notebook this weekend. Mike won't want to see that with me. So far he is having a great time in New Orleans. He texted me yesterday and said he was drunk, at like 2 pm! AHH the joys of vacation!

Since I don't have to spend money on going to visit anyone this weekend or feeding anyone extra, I might try and squeeze in some shopping. For a brown purse to go with my new boots I bought a couple of weeks ago. Maybe a tweed shift dress for fall. (Maybe with brown trim? Though then I will need brown shoes or maybe I can wear the cream ones?) I also want some more casual summer skirts, I wear those instead of shorts. And I want to look for cropped tweed pants, also for the boots, oh and a slip!

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