First Tivo Recording!

My Tivo recorded it's first show last night! And I set it up over the internet. You can go online and manage your recording preferences, and schedule recordings. So being the bad tv watcher I am I set it up for a Season Pass for Newlyweds and The Ashlee Simpson Show. I can do the same thing for Gilmore Girls, and for when Real World Philly starts. No more setting the VCR for me. If it weren't for one thing I have on tape that you can't buy on DVD I would just get rid of the VCR. Maybe I can watch that this weekend? It is has been a long time.

Last night I rented Gods and Generals. I haven't finished it yet. It is a very long movie (214 minutes!), but I will finish it tonight. So far I like the book much better. Is it weird that I am a girl and I have been reading so much about wars and battles lately? It doesn't seem typically feminine. But I find it interesting and it is something (the wars) that I wanted to learn more about. I don't think I would be that into reading about Napolean or something, but this is the history of MY COUNTRY, where we as Americans came from and I think it is something we are not taught enough about in school. In one year (what maybe 180 hours?) of school they try to teach you about American History. There is a lot that is missed. Like John Adams, the Mexican American war, and why did the civil war start, was it just about slavery? Why would people support the south that didn't support slavery? I wanted to understand how we as such a little country could beat the British.

Okay! Enough about history and why I think it is important. I am having a huge craving for store-bought frosted sugar cookies and I can't find them at my local grocery store since I moved. I am upset about this and maybe have to drive 10 miles instead of 2 to the grocery store this weekend and get them. I know they are bad for me, but when I want them this badly it is better to just give in than to keep looking for things to replace them with that won't staisfy me. Wayne Acme here I come!

The weirdest thing about that movie last night was it reminded me how much I miss horses and want one of my own. I really need to start lessons again!

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