Mike is going to AC this weekend for a bachelor party so I am all on my own! What will I do with my time? I always choose to do rather boring things when I have free time, wax my car, wax my eyebrows, clean. I think it is because I feel like I have so little free time as it is with all the traveling to NY and back and trying to do fun stuff not life-upkeep-stuff when Mike is down here. This is one of the big reasons I want to move closer to him. Then we could ration our time better so I wouldn't feel like as soon as I have a free weekend I have to play catch up! But I wouldn't trade seeing him for regularly being able to wax my car!

This also means Mike will be seeing strippers this weekend! See he does exciting stuff, gambling and nudity vs. soft scrub and turtle wax? Yeah he wins the fun contest. I am always the boring one though. My friend Jenn used to tell me in college all the time "Every party has a pooper, that's why we invited YOU!" Obviously I am a fun girl!

Really I think I am fun. But my fun is different than Mike or Jenn's fun. I am not big on going out and getting drunk, sure I do it once in a while but I don't care if I don't. I don't like to stay up really late, I don't like to come home smelling like smoke, I don't like hanging out with total strangers in a place where I can't even hear myself think. Does it make me a loser that I would rather sit at home and read a book?

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