Trying to freak me out?

Is the guy who lives across the street from us trying to freak me out? At least a couple of days a week he sits out in front of his home/store (it is an antiques store with an apartment above it) in nothing but his shorts. Now I admit it is hot, I am only wearing shorts and a sports bra to run, but I am going running, he is just sitting and freaking me out. Who sits outside at 5:30 am? Unless you are walking your dog or getting exercise or going to work, there is no need to be out that early. He is doing none of these. To make it worse he is usually still out there at 6:30 when I leave to catch the train and he has started talking to me. It started with the normal "have a nice day", now it has progressed to "do you run every day?" Then he says stuff after I answer that he doesn't really say clearly enough for me to understand. Saturday when I was out waxing my car, sweating up a storm I might add (it was HOT!) he walked across the street and down the side street a little to where I had parked my car in the shade to tell me that my car was looking good. I hadn't acknowledged him at all, and I had my iPod Mini on. To me that screams don't bother me. Why do I attract all these weirdos, and how do I get them to leave me alone?

Saturday night I had some free time and decided to go shopping at Nordstrom Rack in KOP. I managed to spend the majority of my fall clothing budget, on only six things. Three of them were amazingly good deals though! And they almost made me pee my pants with joy when I found them!
1.) A pair of pink Kate Spade d'orsay pumps for $89.90 (original price $255).
2.) An adorable Nanette Lepore top for $26.94 (original price $174). This had a little spot where the stiching was coming out on a seam, but I fixed it easily last night while watching the arrivals for the VMAs.
3.) And these I am IN LOVE WITH . . . a pair of Marc Jacobs peep-toed pumps for $51.94 (original price $250). I love them so much here is another picture!
I think that was some darn good shopping! I also got a pair of gray pants that need to be hemmed, and suprisingly they are long enough for it even on me. I got a pink top to go with the Kate Spade shoes and a brown purse to go with my BCBG boots from a month or two ago.

It was so hot and humid this morning during my run I really thought I was going to melt, or pass out from the heat! But I managed to set a new record for myself. The longest I have ever run without stopping, 2.31 miles!! Before I know it I will be up to 3 miles! I can't wait!!! Actually as soon as I get to 2.5 I am going to stay there a week, and start doing one day a week of speed work and adding distance more slowly again until I get up to doing my whole run at 10 min/mile or less, as of today I am at 10:34/mile.

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