Too hard?

Two miles wasn't so easy this morning. Though I did it. I think that might have been a mistake because I felt sick most of the morning. I think that is a sign of pushing too hard? I guess I should not do that on Wednesday, especially if it does start to get hot again.

Mike came up and we were pretty lazy, except for shopping. We got him 2 pairs of work pants (one black with blue pinstripes, one plain black), one pair jeans, sneakers, socks, 2 t-shirts, a hooded sweatshirt and a washable seude jacket. Yes it is my fault he will never get out of credit card debt! But in my defense he did NEED most of it. I was pretty good and only had to be dragged away from the pretty beaded dresses in Bloomingdale's once. And I didn't kick or scream. But I will be going back. Especially since Mike and I might make a trip out to Las Vegas this fall for a wedding for two people he was at grad school with. I think I need a pretty dress for that right? A fancy one? Sympathy credit card debt?

Other than the shopping all Mike and I did was eat out and watch movies. Very boring.

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