I RAN TWO MILES THIS MORNING WITHOUT WALKING!!!! Obviously I am very excited about this! I don't know if I will be able to do it again on Monday because today was a lovely cool morning with low humidity (my hair is not a frizz ball today!) and it felt great! If only the weather were always like this. But alas I hear it will get hot again next week. That made it a good morning inspite of the fact that I missed the last step on the stairs down from my bedroom and feel hard slamming my right ass cheek into the stair. I expect a lovely bruise to appear soon. But hey it didn't affect my run!

Tonight Mike is coming to see me so that is good as well. And I plan to leave work a little early to make up for all the extra time I put in this week. Not as early as I could, but enough to give me a little relaxing time at home this evening. And we are going to have a relaxing weekend. Watching movies and going shopping and I think I might make dinner on Saturday. I have a marinated pork loin that has been sitting in the freezer for a week or two (since it was on sale) just waiting for a chance to be cooked and eaten!

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