Happy Fall Equinox!

The only way I plan to celebrate that is by changing the stylesheet on this webpage. And maybe making a new one for later this fall. I am having far too much fun with this aren't I? Am I making you dizzy yet, with my fourth change in a month and a half? It's making me dizzy!

Last night I spent most of the evening playing my new game while of course watching Gilmore Girls. I forgot how addictive that game can be! I can't believe I let it distract me from my favorite show!

There may be some really big decisions coming up soon about my future with regards to that trip. I am a little a lot freaked out about it. I am not sure I am ready to have to make these choices. Already last night thinking about it made it hard for me to sleep, distracted me during my entire run today, all day so far at work. And I don't even think shopping at lunch will make me feel better. How sad is that!

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