I am depressed.

I don't get to see Mike this weekend. He has to work tonight 7pm -7am and again tomorrow night. So if I was up there I would be alone over 50% of my time, and when he was home he would just want to be sleeping. That really sucks! I hate his job!

Don't get me wrong, I have plently of stuff to do this weekend, movies to see, cleaning to do, shopping to do, running to do (I could finally try to get in a longer run!), laundry to do, webpages to visit, etc. I can keep myself plenty busy. But the fact is that I don't want to! Stomps foot and pouts! I WANT to see my boyfriend!

No more news about the trip yet. I am just waiting for something to happen with that as well. Though I suppose I could take matters into my own hands and call myself! I will tonight if I don't hear anything. Before I go to Blockbuster and rent a bunch of teenybopper movies!

I am debating what I want to do with my old computer still. I need to 'fess up and tell Dad that I bought a new one. It's silly that I feel like I have to hide that from him, but I know he didn't want me to buy one, but it is my money! I know if I can afford it or not. And I decided that I can. And I am glad I got it! I am really happy with it, a little too happy with my new game maybe. Anyway, I think my sister wants the computer for when she goes back to school, though I don't know when that will be, she is still pretty sick. I thought of offering it to my roommate, as her computer is rather old and a mac at that, but I don't know how much of an improvement it would really be for her. I don't want to saddle her with more crap.

One of my parent's cats is sick, the one who was mine. That makes me sad too!

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