There is so much research for me to do for this trip. But I am not sure if I should do it because I still haven't heard anything! What is going on with that? I called them up and asked them to get back to me with the details. I am about ready to flip out if I don't hear back from them soon! What if they made a mistake and aren't really interested in me? What happens then? I think I will be really depressed!

I went shopping at lunch and got a cute pair of cropped tweed pants at Ann Taylor. I can't wait to take them home and try them on with my brown "pig-in-shit" boots. I call them that because when I bought them, Mike said I looked like a pig in shit, implying that I was really happy about buying them. AHH, the days back when I got to see him once in a while!

So the football game on Saturday was a bit of a disaster for my team! Both of our quarterbacks getting hurt? Considering that I think we did pretty good, the defense held up pretty well and I think that if we had been able to make some better plays on offense we would have had a much better chance.

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