Happy Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving was pretty good. I took some pictures that hopefully I will get around to putting up soon. Along with pictures from the 20th.

In other news apparently one of Mike's sister's bridesmaids backed out of being in her wedding so Michael talked her into asking me! Which is fine, I actually think stuff like that is fun. It's just a little weird. And I think he suggested it just so I can keep him more entertained during all the wedding stuff! Silly boy! But cute! And I miss him! I was really sad the past couple of days about not seeing him. I know I could have gone to D.C. with him but my Mom really needed me at home.

Speaking of being home Becky just sent me and Becky an email about what her schedule will be like over the holidays. I don't think I will get to see her much! She is only planning on being in Owego from the 27th - the 29th and then back for New Years. But I won't be there for New Year's and I am thinking I will leave sometime around the 29th or 30th to come back here before I go up to NY. Oh well I suppose we will figure out something.

I did get to see Sara while I was home. We went out for hot chocolate and tea. It was nice to get out of the house and just chat. And I took a couple of pictures for her to put on her webpage.
My run was really tough this morning. Obviously taking 10 days off is a bit too much for me. But I was just so tired last week and with going out to Merck there just wasn't time. Hopefully I will do better when I am home over Christmas though it will be colder!

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