Um . . . I haven't heard anything yet!

I don't know how I am going to make it much longer! How much is it to ask that they don't promise me an answer on a day they can't deliver it? I am having a hard time keeping my shit together. I am not nervous anymore though. I am just cranky. I can't be stressed though because now I don't even know when they might call me. I don't know if maybe I should call them? I might give them the morning today to see if they call and let me know what is up. And by morning I mean CA morning. So until 3 pm here. Boy that is a long time from now!

Last night I came home to a FedEx notice. I got all excited and drove to West Chester to pick it up. It was just my expense check from the interview trip. All I wanted to do last night was stay home! Tonight I am obviously going to go deposit that, and I am going back to Target for more long sleeved shirts. It has started to get cold here. This morning I went out to exercise (I did sprint/walk intervals) and it was quite nippy! 39F according to my outdoor temperature sensor! BBRR!!

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