Stupid Day

Boy do I feel stupid today. I went to a job site this morning for a drug test. And the drug test people wouldn't let me be tested because my company owes them the HUGE sum of $135!! Wow that is like a tiny amount! But it was 6:45 in the morning and I couldn't get a hold of my PM so I let the piper I was with talk me into bagging it for the day. I should have told him we should wait until at least 7:30. I didn't even THINK to call the contact I was supposed to meet. It didn't help that I didn't have his phone number. Now I have to go back up there again tomorrow, and I have spent the whole day in the office today feeling STUPID! But I am stupid, I should have called that guy! GRR!! Why didn't I THINK OF THAT!

I had all this other interesting and deep stuff I wanted to talk about. And now I am so cranky from the pee test fiasco that I don't even want to. It doesn't help this is day one of PMS. The WORST POSSIBLE DAY of the month for me to have ANYTHING upsetting happen. All I want to do is curl up in a ball and hide! Now it looks like to get an early start I will have to load up the car Wednesday morning and drive from the site home. Which yes is about 30 minutes closer, and will bypass a majority of the bad traffic I would normally have to deal with down here. But I wanted to take a half day. And get home in time for dinner, not for the evening news!
Friday I forgot to mention the best part of the concert, how they played Jay-Z in between the bands! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?!? How does that fit with Marilyn Manson? Are you on crack? Maybe they were and that is why they thought the opening band was good and that the show overall was fun!

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