Wireless issues

Tonight it is back to hunting online. Once I get my wireless router fixed. I was reading up on it today and I think that I might have to assign a static IP address since I get good signal strength but I can't get on the internet. I am not used to having to fix this stuff all on my own! But Dad doesn't know about the computer yet. Though he will know soon when I take the old one home. I will probably take the new one home too. It is just too nice to leave behind! Besides I will need something to do when I am not making my sister do yoga with me! Which I am sure she will love!

Mike and I had a tame weekend. We went and watched the PSU game with Jenn and Tim. The game was pretty boring up until the last couple of minutes, but hey WE WON!! So I am happy! Other than that we pretty much went shopping and watched TV. We wanted to go to the movies but there was nothing we wanted to see. Then I drove him to Trenton early yesterday so he could get home. He is trying to get back on a daytime schedule and he is having a tough time with it. He has been on nights for weeks if not months!

Last night I tried to hookup my Forerunner to my computer to download my runs and I realized that my new computer does not have a serial port. Now I need to get a USB Serial Adapter. Hmm, maybe that is a gift for Dad to get me? I am not in a big rush to get one. But I will want it at some point. I am boring today huh? I am really tired, all I want to do is go home and curl up on the couch with a big bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese some episodes of Gilmore Girls and my computer with the ability to get on the internet! Not go to the gym and lift heavy things for 40 minutes, go home and eat healthy stuff, work on fixing my router and try to figure out what to wear the concert that we are going to Thursday night at Roseland Ballroom.

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