Is it fixed?

My wireless connection at home might finally be fixed. It was actually working last night. Not always working. But mostly working, and quick to fix when it disconnected. Now I need to fix that so it stops dropping the connection while I am in the middle of doing stuff!

On my run this morning I finally got back below a 10 min/mile average pace. I don't think I have done that more than one other time since I got back from St.Louis. It was tough though, I was about dead for a minute or two after and I was really pushing myself. I am always so slow to build up speed! Will I ever get to an 8 minute mile? I would like to someday have 9-10 min/miles be conversation pace for me!

Yesterday at lunch I went to City Sports to look for a hat for Michael and I found a pair of cold weather running pants on sale for $20 and a reflective windbreaker for $20. Just because they were last year's styles! And I did find him a hat!

Work is going okay, I am actually doing regular process work not development at the moment. And I like it! Though I don't know how long it will last. I would be so much happier if this kind of stuff was all I did! I am sure I would get bored of it eventually but I feel like I use more of my education this way.

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