Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas a little late! I really planned to update while I was home but I forgot the power cord for my laptop. I suppose I could have updated from one of the 4 or 5 other computers in the house but I was too busy baking!

There are some pictures. Including one of the lovely gift Michael gave me but I can't upload them at work anymore so you will all have to wait until tonight for me to get around to that. I just got back home last night at about 5 and my whole evening was spent unpacking, putting away laundry, finding homes for my new gifts, catching up on bills and my checking account and clearing off the Tivo.

Later I will post a rundown of all the gifts I got. Suffice to say I am a happy girl. I wasn't so happy with the drive up to NY on Thursday last week. It took me over an hour to go the last 5 miles. That really sucked. And I think I went the long way to get up there as well. But I made it, and I got to rest that night. When we left on Friday morning there was NO traffic so we made great time. We picked up the car at about 8:30 am and we were at Mike's parents house, after dropping off my stuff by noon. I spent all afternoon baking. Friday night Mike and I did gifts like we always do. I was hoping to see Becky that day but she had flight problems and didn't get home until 11:30 pm. So I only got to see her on Christmas and only for a few hours. We did stop by to surprise the other Becky. It was a little weird. Becky and I also went to the movies, we saw Closer. It was pretty good, though not something I would want to watch with my boyfriend. After the surprise visit Becky went home and I went up to Mike's for a while where I was Alex Trebeck during Simpsons Jeopardy and the banker during a weird betting game. Sunday I went shopping with Mom, and bought a lot of wrapping paper. And Mom lost the new bracelet I got her! But I am still glad she wore it. Then I hung out with Mike some more. Monday I helped Mom clean the house, helped Val wash the dog, did laundry, dyed my hair, dropped off the other Becky's gifts at her work, and baked some more. Mike spent the day up at Turning Stone. Yesterday all I did was drive. And I am glad I am done with that for this holiday! Now it is time to get some work done!

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