Two days to go

Two days until Christmas! I drove into the city today for work so I can just hop in the car after our "Employee Holiday Celebration" and drive up to NYC to spend the night with Mike. Then we are driving home to Apalachin tomorrow morning. The drive was much easier than I thought it would be though leaving my apartment at 6:15 am might have had something to do with that! Now I am just worried about unpacking and repacking the car at Mike's place tonight and then tomorrow morning. That is never all that much fun. But I am not going to leave it at the parking garage with all my gifts in it. Though maybe if the valet key can't open the trunk I could leave all the stuff in the trunk.

It seems like everyone I talk to is in a bit of a Holiday funk this year. Buying practical gifts and not really being in the mood. Including myself. So I thought I would list some of my favorite personal holiday traditions. In no particular order.

-Going to see the lights at Longwood Gardenns.

-Going to see the holiday decorations at Wiinterthur.

-Opening gifts with Mike on Christmas Eve.

-Baking Christmas cookies.

-Putting up my tree.

-Driving around on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas carols.

-Opening our stockings first thing on Christmas morning.

-Making a big breakfast before opening the rest of the gifts.

-Wrapping presents.

-Listening to Christmas music at work.

-Coming home late from Mike's on Christmas Eve and finding Dad still up wrapping gifts.

-Seeing my friends that I hardly see all yeear.

-Time off from work.

-Going to the Day after Christmas Sale at Target with Mom to stock up on wrapping paper and decorations for next year.

-Eating copious amounts of fudge!

I plan to take a lot of pictures while I am home so be prepared for photo overload!

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