Catching up

I spent most of last night catching up on my TV viewing thanks to Tivo so I didn't get to the pictures yet. But hopefully this weekend I will be able too. Since I have nothing to do other than laundry, clean the apartment, go to Target, pack for 4 days in CA, shovel out my car . . . Oh yeah and think about if I want to MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!! That will probably take up a lot of my time!

Being the list-type person that I am I have, of course, already started a pro/con list about the CA decision. I am debating if I want to make a page of it on here. Maybe even with comments in case any of the few people who read this have suggestions. It's just such a big decision and there are so many aspects of it to consider. I don't want to make it an impluse decision like when I bought over $100 of tights & stockings at Lord & Taylor yesterday. I need to work on that. Especially the spending thing. I am supposed to be SAVING MONEY!

I put up a Pro/Con List with comments available should anyone care to help me with this decision.

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