I am still alive really

Vacation was great at times really eventful and other times, rather dull. I will try to post a full wrap up with pictures this weekend, if I have time. Why might I not have time? Turns out I have to travel to CA AGAIN next week. But this time for work. We leave Sunday night and I will be coming back on Thursday. Literally just in time to meet Becky at the airport. Hopefully while I am out there I can avoid going out on those long business dinners at least a couple of times and stay in the room and catch up on stuff. Or go to the gym at the hotel.

Turns out we are supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow today. Not good news, that means the trains will be all messed up this afternoon and it will be a bear to get home. Though maybe they will tell us all to go home early? That would be really great. My apartment desperately needs to be cleaned. My roommate is a very sweet person and I really like her but our ideas of clean are just SO DIFFERENT!! I need to get the place back a little closer to my level of clean.

One of the guys at work was telling me yesterday that someone at work was talking about my webpage again. That just makes me feel weird. I don't mind people reading it. I know this is a very public thing, but I do mind people talking about it, and I mind people giving me a hard time about people talking about it. It is just a webpage, and only like 3 people read it, and not all that regularly. Dooce I am not.

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