Only Monday

It's only Monday and already it has been a tough week. I dropped my phone today and totally killed it. Which makes me feel really disconnected. Tomorrow I am going to have to go to Verizon and get a new phone. I was going to get a new one in a couple of months but not now! I am not really in the mood to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new cell phone. Also I got a call from CA today before I killed my phone. They just went through some type of engineering re-org and they are not sure if the position they have been talking to me about is going to exist at a level I am qualified for. Can you say "CRAP!!" I did. Now I don't know what to do. I guess it is back to looking. But I want out of here NOW!!

The concert this weekend was really great. The first one I have ever been to that I can really say I enjoyed. I smiled the whole time Interpol was up there. You can actually hear the concert here. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. And you did since you are reading this! My crush on the band and the bass player in particular, just got a lot bigger! Okay I am going to get to bed early so I can try and get a run in tomorrow to clear my head.

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