A new phone!

Today I got a new cell phone, which is exactly the same as the one Mike has. Honestly I don't like it as much as I liked my last one. It isn't as small, or as well built feeling (honestly it took 21 months of daily use and multiple drops before it broke), but hey this one has a camera. Which could be good or bad. I did sign up to be able to email 20 pictures a month for some flat rate, I can always drop that if I want to. I also ordered a USB cable for the phone today so that I can download images directly to my computer. Along with that I ordered a purple faceplate so I will be able to tell the difference between my phone and Mike's easily. I miss my old phone already.

It seems to be new electronics day for me because I also got my new Dell work computer today. It is okay. Much smaller than that old clunky HP. It didn't come with the drivers for the wireless adapter that might have come with it. Which sucks because I would like to be able to be wireless with this if I have to work from home.

Obviously I am not super excited about all of this since I am still hoping to be getting a new job. Mike and I are working on our backup plan now that the CA job is looking less likely. I am not sure what I really want to do. I want a new job, I know that much, but at this point I am feeling much more open to the idea of doing something new. Being back at work today reminded me really quickly how unhappy I am there. I don't think I can stick it out another 6 months. I need change soon.

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