More stress??

I thought that once I made the choice to take this new job and gave my notice things would get less stressful. I was so wrong. Little did I know it would take 5-15 days to get my stuff to the west coast. Since I am only taking off two weeks between jobs I would have to have my stuff picked up BEFORE my last day at my current job, and by stuff I also mean my car, to be able to be SURE it would be out there in time for my first day of work. What the hell. How is that even possible. Especially since I need to get Mike's stuff in with mine. Which means that tonight I get to go home for ONE NIGHT. Unpack repack (sound familiar?) so I can go up to NY after work tomorrow and help him pack his stuff to drive it down to my place on Saturday. I haven't paid my bills in two weeks, I haven't gone through my mail in over a week, I haven't started my car in a week and a half! I wanted to go home and relax tonight. Watch TV, pay my bills (okay not relaxing but knowing I am not late on something is relaxing), start packing a little. None of which I can do.

All this leads me to another question, if I do have them pick up my stuff before Mike and I go on our apartment shopping trip leaving on the 8th of May, where the hell am I going to stay from when I get back on the 11 at 10 am until my stuff gets to CA like 2 weeks later? With my parents?? I love them but I can't handle all the pets. I will miss my TIVO!! I hope I can find a way to get through all this without exploding at someone.

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