Stressed out

Why am I sad that Mike said that he told the jeweler to sell back my diamond. I agreed to our skipping all of that and saving our money for a fancy honeymoon/wedding in the Caribbean. I shouldn't be sad, but I am. Maybe it is just stress though. All this moving new job stuff is really taking a toll on me. And people wanting to talk to me and see me before I go is very nice, but very tiring as well. I don't have anymore time than Michael does to schedule appointments for apartments. But here I am doing it.

Something is making me really cranky today and I don't like it. I guess I should have gotten more done this weekend. More packing, laundry, apartment searching, but I wanted to relax, I never have weekends were I get to sit around and relax. Now I have to pack tonight, go to the ATM, start packing for the weekend, and finish cooking the dinner I started last night. Tomorrow I will have to pack and go do some laundry. There is no way I am getting even 75% of my unpacked stuff (which is about 60% of my total posessions) packed before we leave for our apartment hunting trip. I know that packing of my stuff is supposed to be included but I would rather pack most of it myself. That is just how I am. I hate all this stress, when will it be over?

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