Once again I was waiting, and nothing. I talked to them Tuesday, and they are still waiting on the background check. Apparently Tioga County is being slow getting back to them. Maybe today or tomorrow. I don't know and right now I don't care. I have too many other things to worry about. Like how I am going to get all over the northeast this weekend. This is why I hate waiting until the last minute to figure this stuff out. It looks like I am going to be giving Amtrak a lot of money this weekend. And next week as well if I go to Interphex.

This is going to be another one of those weekends where I feel MORE tired after the weekend than after a week of work. It's no wonder I am cranky all the time. When was the last time I had a weekend at home alone, hm the end of February I think? And still that weekend I flew out to CA on Sunday night, and I had just gotten back from CA Wednesday morning. Not relaxing, not at all. I am so dreaming of the day when I will get to stay home on weekends. And actually REST!

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