Tully's Coffee

We got to see a lot of apartments yesterday. It was really great to have someone else driving us around and having done all the legwork already. We found three that we really like. One of which we are going to try to get to see the inside of today. There is also another from my list that we drove by this morning that we want to try to check out. I am going to check craigslist in just a bit to see if there are anymore while Mike is off at his first interview of the day. I am more nervous about his interviews than I usually am about mine. Maybe because there is more pressure. I really want him to get one of these. They are two great companies. His first one should be starting right now.

I am sitting in Tully's Coffee on 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland paying $4.99 or something for 24 hours of internet access. But it gives me something to do while he is interviewing. During his second one I might get the car out of the garage and see if I can drive by any other apartments I find online. I hope we can find one today and just relax tomorrow. That would be nice.

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