Another CA trip

Right now I am on a flight to CA from Chicago. Very fun, we were over an hour late leaving. Which isn't good because Mike is on another flight and I have no idea if his is late or not. So he might be sitting around SFO waiting an hour for me if we don't make up time in the air. If he could go get the rental car and then come back and pick me up we might be able to recover some time. But he can't because the car is in my name. The main reason I worry about being late is because we have a 2 pm appointment at our hotel in Concord, CA to meet with a rental agent who is going to take us on a four hour "cruise, a three hour cruise" oh sorry not Gilligan's Island. A four hour rental tour. She set up appointments for us with a bunch of apartments that meet our price range and other criteria (ie 2 bedrooms, laundry at minimum in building, close to downtown, walk to BART, close to the highway, close to some place I can go running) and she is going to take us around to see them. I would be so happy if we could just find something today. Then all we would have left to worry about is Mike getting a job.

Yesterday we moved all of Mike's stuff down to my place. It was a pain in the ass and I am glad it is done with. It was also scary, it is too late to back out now, he is moving out with me. Last night I went out with Jenn to hang out a little bit since I won't be able to see her after next Thursday. On my way out the door I noticed that my apartment now smells like Mike. Which made me disturbingly happy. Is it wrong that I am so looking forward to this?

Friday was my last day of work. It was really bittersweet. I was very unhappy because I had to redo all the work I did at the beginning of the week. So that reminded me of why I wanted to leave. But at the same time, it was (WAS) my first job out of college. How can I not be sad to see that end. And people that I have always assumed I would just see again, the next week or sometime soon, I might never see them again. Yes I can keep in touch with all these people, at least the ones I WANT to. But it isn't the same. I won't even be running into them in the city, I will be on the other side of the country. It seems really crazy to change all those things at once, new job, new apartment, new state, new timezone, new living arrangements. Don't most people just change those one at a time? That would make a lot more sense. And probably be a lot less stressful!

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