How was the game?

The baseball game was funner than I thought it would be. Though that was probably because of the big dog, the giant soft pretzel, the peanuts, the sierra mist and the cotton candy! The seats were better than I thought they would be. I hope we can get to go to a couple of Raiders games there this fall. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!

Other wise the weekend was mostly errands. Got Mike's Tux for Kim's wedding, got my dress taken up, shoes dropped off to be dyed, etc. Long list of boring items. I really enjoy living with Mike though. It is so much more relaxing than going to NY to see him every weekend. Though we miss his friends. I miss having friends in general. Did I mention that on Friday at work the sapphire got ripped out of my Christmas ring. We had to dig through the gown recycle bin to find it. It is going to cost $40 to get it reset! That will teach me to wear jewelry into clean space!

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