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And here are the photos.



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If I get other ones from other people over the next couple of weeks I will post them as I get them. The wedding was beautiful. I thought the ceremony was the best part, other than the heat and the sweat running down my legs under my dress. But it was short, only one reading, no songs, and the sand ceremony was a nice change from the unity candle.
Three questions were asked of me repeatedly over the course of the weekend.

  • When are you and Mike going to get married? - Asked by EVERYONE! Which is fine, I know people want to know these things, and weddings make them think about them. But really we don't need more people's opinions on when or how we should do it. We will do it on our terms, and the only people we are likely to even condsider scheduling around are our parents.

  • Are you sure you don't want a big wedding now? - Asked by Mike, and wording differently but the same idea by his mom. If anything all the hoopla made me even more sure that I want a really small wedding. We enjoyed the wedding, and I thought it was beautiful, but I just don't want that.

  • Do you want/When do you want kids? - A ton of people. Just because I danced a lot with Mike's adorable flower girl cousin, and talked to her baby sister at the brunch the day after does not mean I want kids. Just that I like cute ones who go home with other people (their parents) at the end of the day!

If anything after this wedding weekend I want even more to just run away to Tahoe and be done with it. I am sure I could plan a great wedding, but why? We need to save money to buy a house more than we need to spend thousands on one day. Even if someone else was paying for it, even if my parents had thousands of dollars to spare to spend on it, I would still want a really small wedding. Maybe then I would invite like 25 people or something. But I can't see myself EVER wanting to have one that even had 100 people. I am not comfortable with that many people wanting my attention at once, that is part of why I am a cat person not a dog person.
It was nice to see all of Mike's family again. I definately feel more comfortable with them now. More like I am part of their family even though we aren't even officially engaged yet. I just don't know what we are going to do about us getting married. I suppose we should sit down and talk about it. Just me and Mike first to decide what we want. But it is so hard to make decisions in our household! I think we have made a choice about something, and then I get asked 20 more times what I want to do about it, or if I am sure that is what I want to do. Which actually is something a lot of people in his family do. And I can deal with it most of the time. But this is really big and we need to get past that stage. Soon.

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