Where has my memory gone?

On my way out to lunch today, I had all these great thoughts about posting here. They are totally gone now. I have no idea what I was going to write about. Where has my memory gone in my old age?

Our flight leaves in exactly 9 hours. I so don't want to fly. I am dreading it. I haven't had to since I moved out here in May and I haven't missed it. Hopefully there will be some blog worthy stories and photos when I get back. Maybe I should take a notebook and pen with me so I can jot down any ideas I get, since real-time blogging will not be an option. (Which by the way is something that the world really needs to work on! I need internet access at ALL TIMES!!)

Packing went well last night, except for Mike rolling around on the couch/bed/floor talking about how bloated he was. He went to the gym while I was at work and bought protein powder so he could have a nice muscle building shake post workout. Which he did, with one banana (3g fiber), 1 cup blueberries (4g fiber), 0.5 c strawberries (2.3g fiber) and milk and protein powder. Add a dinner of two tacos on low carb whole wheat tortillas (21g fiber each) and the boy had over 51 grams of fiber at dinner. No wonder his belly couldn't handle it!

Oh wait the idea came back to me. The weather! Okay boring topic . . . but still. Is it possible to get really sick of perfect weather? Every summer day here seems to be an endless string of bright sunshine without a single cloud visible in the sky. I never have to worry about rain coming in the windows while we are at work (not that we leave them open, this isn't small-town America), if the sun will come out at all, or that lovely afternoon buildup of oppressive heat and humidity that is so overwhelming that you pray for a huge thunderstorm to wash it away. I grew up in a place like that, in a weird way I miss the low gray skys, and I truely miss the dark thunderclouds, the cool fresh smell of the first crash of rain. The other day Mom said it was a beautiful day and she wanted to open the windows and let in the smell of the fresh cut grass. You don't get that smell here in the summer, everything is dead and brown. You don't relish a beautiful day, because they all are. Maybe I will feel more at home here when we get to the winter rainy season.

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