Making Progress

My riding lesson went well on Thursday. It was just me and Nifty again. We did a lot of jumping (and trotting poles) with me in two point but with the reins resting on Nifty's withers and my arms out to the sides as if I was flying. We even jumped that way. It's supposed to help me work on my balance. My instructor set up a sort of track to ride down with the fence on one side and a long line of poles on the other so I didn't have to worry so much about steering. I think it went well. And we made some progress.

My allergies are really acting up right now. I am having serious post nasal drip. Maybe it is time to go see a new doctor out here in CA and see if I can try another nasal spray. They work so well, but then my nose gets TOO dry. I wonder if I can take it 2 days on one day off, or if I can spray less than the original dose. I am just so sick of having my sinuses all filled up. Though now that I think about it I just feel generally crappy. Maybe I have a cold?

Our weekend didn't involve much other than football, The Sims 2 Nightlife EP, and a couple movies, Layer Cake on DVD and Lord of War in the theatre. Both were depressing, had a lot of drugs and violence in them, but one was more of a waste of time (and money) than the other. Mostly because they threw a political message on the end of it! That wasn't what I paid $9.75 EACH for!!

The pictures are undergoing some reorganization on photobucket and I am trying to put javascript on everything so they might be messed up for a few days. Forgive me. It might last longer because I am feeling really sick tonight. It is 8 pm and I am thinking about going to bed.

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