Last week was really crazy. Mike was sick all week, so I spent a lot of time taking care of him and finding him a doctor to see. I wasn't feeling great myself so we went to bed early everynight.

One day sort of on a whim I went to try on wedding dresses and I fell in love with one. So I called back the next day and bought it. Oops! That wasn't in the plan. But I am really happy about it.

My riding lesson was great. We went back to the in-out jump that we tried a couple weeks ago and Nifty didn't know what I was asking for. My instructor worked with him on it in between times. Which was very handy because this time he did it really well. Yeah! We got some good jumping in. Oh and there was another woman in my lesson this week. She seemed nice. We shall see if she stays around.

To top off the week Mike's computer died last night so I spent copious amounts of money today to get software to try and recover it and an external hard drive to back up to in the future for both of our machines. Don't want my computer to get any ideas about acting up now!

I have a dress, I have a dress!!!!!!!

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