Riding Lesson

My riding lesson went well on Thursday. I rode a new horse, named Nifty. He was sweet but it was a little weird to ride him because they don't use a bit. That was actually the first time I have ridden a horse using a hackamore. But he went really well with it. He was also really responsive to my leg aides. The only real problem we had was picking up the proper lead when going up to canter. He kept trying to bend to the outside which was really weird. If I circled him first and got him bending he would pick it up easily. Oh well it is something to work on next week.

The pictures I took aren't great, I used my camera phone. I might try to take my camera this week and see if I can get some better ones. Maybe even one of Nifty's huge tongue. He was always sticking it out. It was funny looking. Oh and he has some weird skin condition going on. But he was a good jumper so I can forgive a lot of weirdness.

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