Last Tuesday I went to Cooperfield's in Santa Rosa to see Diana Gabaldon give a reading and sign copies of her new book. I took a half day from work and arrived at the bookstore at about 4:30 PM, the event didn't start until 7 PM. Still I wasn't the first person there. I did get a seating pass when I bought another copy of the book which put me in the good line. Which meant I got a signing pass based on my number in that line 17!!!

My seat was in the second row which was amazing. I was shaking in my seat I was so excited to see her! She came out and gave a speech, about how she started the books and the earlier part of her book tour. Then Q&A. Some people asked rather rude questions "Your last book [Lord John and the Private Matter] was so dirty!" How is she supposed to respond to that? But she handled them all really well. Then she did a reading of a non-spoiler section of the new book. I was so moved by it that it brought tears to my eyes!

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