Have I mentioned?

Have I mentioned that California drives me up the wall? Especially when it comes to driving? I admit that I am a speeder. I hate wasting time in the car. On the east coast this was a wide-spread feeling and I generally felt like most people were also always in a bit of a rush. Its different here. Yesterday on my drive home, I was in the far right lane (I was about to exit) of a 10 lane highway (4 regular and 1 carpool in each direction) with a speed limit of 65 mph. I was stuck going about sixty and still I was passing at least two lanes of cars on my left. Unbelievable! You should need shots and a passport to come here!

Other than that I am just sad about being in CA for the holidays. I miss my family and both Mike and I don't feel that we belong here. Oh and I am testing out my yahoo avatar to see if I want to add it when I have some free time. Which should actually be soon. I have lots of vacation coming up.

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