Life has been really very busy lately. Last week I discovered that someone stole my credit card number and ran up over four THOUSAND dollars in charges! Which meant cancelling my account, rearranging some recent wedding orders I had made so they wouldn't be affected, finding another card to use, calling the companies the false charges were made with to get what info I could from them and emailing the local police to see what my legal rights are with regard to all this. It's funny how the media is very big on warning you about keeping your cards safe and cancelling your account right away if it is stolen and how you aren't held responsible for the charges but what rights do you have with regards to finding and pressing charges against the jerk who stole the card in the first place?

On Friday Mike and I decided to head out of town because we were feeling cranky. We drove a couple of hours and then crashed at a hotel. Saturday we got to the Redwoods and found the drive-through tree. That was enough nature for us so we turned around and came back. Today we made our wedding invitations. That was a pain in the butt.

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