Michael is playing this video game Dragon Quest VIII and it has this alchemy pot where you can cook up new items to use or sell from things you find or buy, and when the thing you are cooking is done the game makes a "ding" sound to let you know. (Yes I know I spend too much time watching him play video games, I get that!) Strangely yesterday one of my ovaries made the same sound in my head. Either I am nuts or it is starting to think it wants to use it's eggs to MAKE SOMETHING!! I haven't heard any ticking yet from my uterus so I am assuming that it has to wait until the other ovary dings. Scary thought.

Oh and obviously the wedding has taken over my life, but all that will end soon I promise, and then I can come back and show you the crazy wedding planning webpage I made that has taken me away from this one! For now I will leave you with this picture of the ring that we FINALLY settled on late last week. Sad huh, less than two weeks until the wedding when we finally get an engagement ring.

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