Oh and Saturday night Mike dragged me to see Hostel. Which was for the record total crap. Beyond gory, and just sick and twisted. But really what else would you expect from Quentin Tarantino. If I had know it was one of his movies I would have refused to go. I spent half the movie hiding my head in Mike's shoulder and pretending the sounds from the movie were dirtbikes not chainsaws. The only good aspect of the whole thing (other than the popcorn) is that now I get to torture Mike with the most girlie movie I can think of. 136 minutes of Memoirs of A Geisha anyone? He'll LOVE that!!

There was more wedding progress made today. I finally got some quotes from caterers. That is the last big thing left for the wedding. I will feel so much better when it is just little stuff that is left. Like actually HAVING the wedding. Or making the programs. That might even be fun

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